As a fully trained conference interpreter for German and English, I am your ticket to the German speaking world. My professional services encompass the following modalities.

Simultaneous Interpreting
Consecutive Interpreting
Liaison Interpreting
Other event-related services regarding translation and localisation.

Are you organising an international event? I can offer you expert advice regarding the organisation of a team or conference technology.

About Me

Born in the Czech Republic, raised and trained in Germany, I was exposed to multiple languages before I could even walk.

During my studies at Heidelberg University, I developed and perfected my interpreter personality, which I can now live out to the fullest in a professional context. Well-established and practicing freelance conference interpreters provided me with all necessary means to professionally interpret any speaker regardless of talking speed or subject complexity.

Besides interpreting, I optimised my communicative skills during my studies. On a voluntary basis, I worked as team leader for the international student organisation AIESEC, conducted workshops on time management and presentation skills, and took lessons in speech training, British pronunciation and improvisation theatre. In addition, I actively produce music in various bands (guitars, drums, vocals). I am also interested in software technology which is an asset to many aspects of my work as professional conference interpreter.



The job description of a professional conference interpreter does not only encompass verbally transferring languages but also involves keeping up to date knowledge on language and everyday subjects such as politics, economics, and culture. Last but not least, event-related preparation is vital. Efficiently and quickly familiarising complex topics is an essential prerequisite of every conference interpreter. This is a topic I throughly researched and discussed in my master thesis.

My working experience includes the following areas of expertise:

Industry 4.0
Environmental Economics
Diet and Nutrition


Alexander Jelinek
Brentenwaldstr. 8
70599 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 (0) 711 912 150 11
Email: alexander@jelinek.in

Feel free to contact me via phone, email or a social network. No strings attached. Within a very short time, I will send you a quote tailored to your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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